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Member of The Month: Rochelle

The garden here at TILA is blooming and so are our members. Each week they have been in the studio, meeting, creating and bringing their light with them. Even more members are sharing with others and championing for why TILA needed for Black Women Artists at such a time is this.

It was time to celebrate them, in a BIG way. The Member of the Month is TILA giving back to the members, providing resources to see through a project and provide support from our team because they have bloomed and planting seeds on their own.

Get to know one of our studio songbirds and creative entrepreneur, Rochelle Washington.

What's your TILA story?

I knew of two amazing women who were already members here, Christa David and Antres Finnie that were trying to convince me of coming to work in a studio space. They were persistent in trying to get me to work here. I also knew I needed to work out of another space, I left my house at 6am and I got here at 7pm and I waited.

Just when I got ready to drive away, I saw Tiffany riding her bike up the hill and she seemed like she was on a mission. I decided right there to become a member and the rest was history.

Since that day, what have you felt most gratification from working here at TILA?

Giving. When I am in my own space I don't have anyone to talk about life and work experiences with women, being able to give and motivate others. When you're going through difficult times in my own life, I'm able to take the focus off of my own world and being able to give to someone else. That's one of the reasons I love working here.

Everyone that I have come across, everyone has a perspective and something to offer. Everyone here is talented and I would love to find more ways to collaborate with them.

Outside of you running a full graphic design agency, what do you see yourself doing?

I would love to be a mentor to other women here in the studio. I would be able to offer insights about business and branding on a level that gets them thinking about being more strategic about their art practice. It's all fun and games creating with each other but at the end of the day you need to sustain yourself and your livelihood.

What is something that you have done differently since you joined?

I came to a figure drawing class and it was something that I normally didn't do. I think it's important to try different things because you are able to see and experience different members who you would have not met.

Rochelle, I'm so glad to be in community with you and have you here as a member at TILA. I can't wait to see what else will bloom out of you being here and invite everyone to get to know you, because the should. You can find Rochelle singing in the studio or being the great graphic designer that she is at Give her flowers when you see her!

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