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Member of the Month: Jasmine

The garden here at TILA is blooming and so are our members. Each week they have been in the studio, meeting, creating and bringing their light with them. Even more members are sharing with others and championing for why TILA needed for Black Women Artists at such a time is this.

It was time to celebrate them, in a BIG way. The Member of the Month is TILA giving back to the members, providing resources to see through a project and provide support from our team because they have bloomed and planting seeds on their own.

Fun Fact - Jasmine and I have been friends and passing notes since middle school. Unbeknownst to our 8th grade selves did we think we would end up working together as artist in a studio made for and by Black Women. It's honestly a privilege and honor to share her work with the art community here in Atlanta. I sat down and asked her a few questions about her practice since graduating last December.

Get to know the Beyonce of Printmaking, Jasmine Nicole Williams

Hey y’all! I’m Jasmine. I’m a visual artist from Powder Springs, GA. I’m a board member at the Atlanta Printmakers Studio. Member at TILA as well. I am the 2018 SGC International Undergraduate Fellow and recently received the Spark Grant from the Dream Warriors Foundation. I’m a sister, daughter, and all around lover. Most importantly, I am a girl craving Nashville hot chicken and wondering who has the hookup on Hattie B’s.

How'd you hear about TILA?

My longtime friend, Sierra. She’s the community manager and told me all about the space. I was graduating and knew I needed a community to work in. Once I visited the space and met everyone, I was sold.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently developing a body of work that centers social disruption. I spent the last 9 months thinking the work would be one thing, but it is evolving, so I’m currently back at the drawing board trying to flush out the language.

How much has creating a studio practice influenced your work?

It has made me appreciate the time I have to create art. I don’t particularly enjoy managing my email or writing proposals, but that is a growing part of my studio practice. It has made me more intentional about the art I decide to make and making that art on the highest level possible because there’s no room for half stepping. Doing it all has made me work learn to work harder. Still learning though.

Being a full time artist, how are you navigating that? Ups and Downs?

I feel like I’m navigating it like any freshly graduated human would. I am loving the freedom, but I have problems with holding myself accountable at times. It’s hard, but intensely fulfilling. This first year has been my 6th year of school.

What is your favorite part about being a part of this community?

Everyone is so willing to offer help and advice in their expertise. The group is wickedly talented and highly skilled so it’s the perfect environment for dope collaborations. Also, anytime anyone walks in, we give them the black girl salute. If you know, you know!

Where do you think you will be in the next 5 years?

In 5 years, I will be showing internationally, flourishing creativity and financially in my arts practice, and creating abundant opportunities for others. I see myself doing the same thing I’m going today on a larger scale and more refined.

Jasmine you're a dope human being and I'm glad to know you, see you grow and collaborate in art with you. You can follow and become a collector of Jasmine's work at We're working on some things behind the scene with Jasmine and can't wait to share with the rest, she's next up. Give her flowers and pay her in equity.

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Carla Hill Williams
Carla Hill Williams
Aug 01, 2018

Jasmine you are a talented young lady. Keep up the good work. Nice article Sierra!

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