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Member of The Month: Antres

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

The garden here at TILA is blooming and so are our members. Each week they have been in the studio, meeting, creating and bringing their light with them. Even more members are sharing with others and championing for why TILA needed for Black Women Artists at such a time is this.

It was time to celebrate them, in a BIG way. The Member of the Month is TILA giving back to the members, providing resources to see through a project and provide support from our team because they have bloomed and planting seeds on their own.

We are partnering with Antres to bring her vision of 4:45 the experience to life this month.

I sat down with her to hear more about her TILA experience so far.

Get to know this Jane of All Trades, Antres Finnie.

How did you hear about TILA?

I was scrolling on Instagram per us' and It was around the time y'all had posted this Bloom post. And said to myself, "Who and What and Why don't I know about this?!"

What is your favorite part about being a part of this community?

The people. The People that are either visiting or members themselves, I see myself in EVERY person I meet. And see my future self, there is some inspiration there, there are some influential pieces. Where you see where you were in your journey or you see where you

This people fill in the blanks. Definitely the people.

Being this Jane of all Trades, How can TILA help you to keep growing each of those?

Continue to being a partner. The vision I have for 4:45, the fact that I could come and have a meeting and pitch the idea to you all. And for TILA to offer the support in execution and logistics is HUGE. The unlimited resources that can be provided helps me be a Jane of All Trades and helps me stay in my creative.

We say TILA will go with you, where do YOU want to go?

Everywhere. I want to experience art more and the first time really I was able to do that was at The Making Africa Exhibition at the High Museum. And that THANG WAS SICK!

To experience art with other Women, there is an emotional pull . If I went by myself it would not have been the same. Being with y'all and having a conversation and being able to discuss art and the different components, I never had that before.

Do you have any final thoughts?

We underestimate the power of art. There is a lot that art can add to your journey. It gives connectivity to community and introspective to your own self. It can also be used a healing tool. TILA is doing a great job because I feel the audience that she is speaking to because who she is speaking to, artist, creatives and entrepreneurs are being provided a space where they can recognize the power of art together.

4:45 the Experience is a special presentation of artwork and an engaging conversation inspired by both Jay-Z’s 4:44 album and Beyonce’s Lemonade. Our panelists will open a dialogue that explores the road to healing in the black community through spirituality, mental therapy, as well as other non-mainstream forms of restoration within love, self, and relationships. We invite you to join the conversation and take delight in some amazing art mediums that are centered around the works 4:44 and Lemonade.

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