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Meet Artist-in-Residence: Marryam Moma

We invited over 40 Black Women Artist to apply to the first residency exchange program in partnership with Artist, Tracy Murrell. Out of over 40 Artist that were invited, were were able to learn so much about 26, talented, beautiful and intelligent women. They decided that this residency would be the catalyst in their career. That if provided space, she work could bloom. That if given resources, she would be able to do more than you have already imagined. That in itself, is her showing up for herself, as an artist. We remain comitted to finding opportunities , providing critical assistance, critique and feedback to ensure that they continue to grow as artist in the Atlanta Community.

The 2019 MIGRATION Artist-in-Resident is Marryam Moma. 

Read more about her work + Give her flowers when you see her. 

Marryam's collage art is created with fragments of salvaged paper,

recycled imagery collected from her daily life and meanderings, books, magazines

and other re-purposed materials and media.

Each collage begins with a premise, sometimes inspired by a savored experience or simply an evocative piece of paper.

Like a mystery, the composition

evolves one piece at a time. She continues to add, cut, or otherwise employ possible elements, mix media and makes decisions about what works, needed next to complete the composition.

A working system ultimately melds the palette of re-purposed pieces together into fresh, layered imagery with new associations and meanings.

She is intrigued with using collage as a platform to share life experiences, open a

dialogue about social issues close to heart, celebrate the human form and reinforce

ideas about individuality and self-love.

The process of deconstructing images and then re-integrating many pieces to create something completely new, is an intuitive and ongoing visual experiment in which color, texture, shape and space come into play. The ready-made and re-created dance across blank space to form something new, tells a new and unique story. Marryam’s collages are schematic and invites the viewer to move into a space of speculation.

Who is an artist that is currently influencing the way that you approach your work? There are actually quite a few, working in a variety of mediums. They inspire me for different reasons and I internalize their delivery: Awol Erizku’s, Kehinde Wiley, Mickalene Thomas, Dubelyoo, and Charly Palmer. (Heavily detailed/ Haute Couture) fashion design and organic architecture like the works of Frank Lloyd Wright also influences the way I approach my work as well.

What is this next body of work investigating? An in-depth look at revolutionary Black (musical) artists sharing a message to awaken the human race to a higher level of consciousness. Music from these artists encourage us to this day (even as all of them are long gone) to fight for Love, Equality, and Freedom. Some of them spoke out, loudly and violently vocal through their music and activism, and others maintained oral silence on social and societal issues affecting black people. Yet, by performing at the highest levels of excellence in their genre, said artist(s) spoke volumes and broke stereotypes simultaneously.

How will having the space for a month influence this body of work?

There are a few ways that having this space will influence this body of work.The space will give me the time away from my routine and obligations to create work in a new environment with new stimuli. I have been to Tracy’s studio in the past. It’s beautiful, self-contained, has a large solid table which I don’t currently have in my workspace at home – I love it! Additionally, there are several Creatives working in close proximity (and more artist floaters I hope to interact with during studio visits). I can’t help but highlight the  positive energy I know I will revel in, just by being surrounded by Tracy’s work. I am certain that being encircled by other creatives will also have a direct effect on my work. Even the geographical location of the space in relation to my daily activities will make a difference. This new space will give me room to create without unwanted distractions and allow me take a deeper dive into my work.

We can't wait to visit you in the studio Marryam! All thanks to you, Tracy Murrell, for providing the space and opportunity for another Black Woman Artist.

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