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Find your people and space to thrive in studios in Atlanta

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Arts organizations and studios offer so many benefits for artists at different levels. They provide a space for peers to relate to and learn from one another, or in terms of the latter, a structured and creative environment to work on their pieces. Not to mention, creatives are surrounded by people who understand them as an artist and generally support their journey. Usually, an authentic communal atmosphere is established, which I will mention more later. But ultimately, arts organizations and studios offer a safe space for individuals with shared interests and intentions concerning artsy.

At TILA, we pride ourselves in offering such a space for Black Women Artists in the Metro Atlanta area, who as a whole are underserved and overlooked within art history, culture and industry. We promise a space where they can work on their projects anytime they feel. We also offer workshops so that they can further hone their craft. And the bigger picture is, we are bringing black women in the arts together. We are letting all art practitioners know we are not alone. We are here. And we’re more than just the four percent of Black Women artist that makes up major museums and collections.

Another high point of arts orgs and studios is how people can share their expertise and methods. Artist Diyah Najah shared how she was exposed to printmaking through a show by Jamaal Barber but she even further developed an interest in the medium after taking a workshop at the Atlanta Printmakers Studio with him. At TILA it’s a surprisingly organic and essential part of the experience as a member. Whenever I talk to members, being able to learn from others, be inspired by those next to them, and as a result grow from them is frequently mentioned as their favorite thing about us.

In my opinion, having a space where individuals with shared interests and intentions can gather is a powerful way for individuals to reach self-actualization. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs backs this up, as belonging is one of the key components to a whole individual. Communities everywhere shape the world. What you belong to shapes who you are and tells others a little something about you. It makes me led to believe that it’s true that we’re more powerful together than we are apart.

We are absolutely over the moon to take the same elements and strong undercurrent to Art Basel. We know that the work and the need is bigger than Atlanta. And starting in a city that champions being forward-thinking, progressive, and not to mention, diverse, we are psyched to be leading the charge from here to Miami and having it felt all over the country.

Supporting arts organizations and studios is fundamental to make sure they stick around. If you’re an art or creative, think about where you’re investing your time. Sound off on social some dope entities that you’re apart!

Journalist: Carlyn Pounders

Photographer: Dierra Font

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