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FilmmakHER Link Up

We want you to know, there is a place for you in film. It’s here, at TILA.

FilmmakHER Link Up

On September 14, 2018 TILA Film held it’s inaugural FilmmakeHER’s Linkup. The turnout was awesome, but even more so was the conversation. We were joined by women of diverse ages and from a wide spectrum of interest in film. From conscientious observer to industry vet, we discussed how we as black women can carve space for ourselves in todays male dominated industry.

Our experts answered the questions:

What do we take to distributors?

What festival markets are best for our films?

How do we utilize SAG-AFTRA?

We voiced our concerns about staying fresh and relevant, the importance (or lack thereof) of going to film school, and how to find balance in a career that is not conducive for working mothers. And we tackled the unrelenting, ever-persisting question that prevents us from expressing our truest art—Am I good enough?

Yes. Yes you are.

Our film team was super proud of the Linkup and we are working hard to create a great roster of events for 2019 that will help propel and sharpen you as a FilmmakeHER.

Welcome to TILA Film.


Colbie and Ola

Ola + Colbie

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