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Creative Mommas ft. Brianna Martin

What advice do you have for mothers who want to create?

Never stop creating Momma! We have this special privilege to create with our children, while finding new ways to express ourselves. If you have some opportunity of alone time, utilize that time to create as well. Take that energy you gain from the playful imagination we have with our kids and transform it into your art!

In what ways do your children inspire you and your artistry?

Sarai does not hesitate to spark up a conversation with someone, she makes new friends everywhere we go. I try to teach her about strangers, but she is the most outgoing child i’ve ever encountered so it is a daily lesson lol. Her ability to speak up and be herself is inspiring to me. I used to be the same way as a kid but I feel like i’ve lost a little bit of that. I’m steadily working on saying No to things (like Sarai), especially more work than I can take on :)

How do you balance being a mother and an artist? What are the some of the challenges you experience in those roles?I love being able to combine being an artist and a mommy. It’s an opportunity for endless collabs lol. Everyday Sarai helps brings out my inner child and I get to use my imagination freely. It benefits both of us, expanding my creativity and our bond. To me, the challenge is balancing the work side of being an artist. As a film editor, I need to be completely focused and zoned in on a project. So it is nearly impossible to fully focus on editing when Sarai is around. I have to edit through the night or edit on the 2 days that she goes to Daycare. We make it work :)

*** This series was created and curated by Victoria Allen, shot and documented by Dierra Font and Colbie Fray.

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