• TILA Studios

The Road To Art Basel: Our Journey Begins Here

TILA Studios is proud to announce that we’re heading to Art Basel and bringing a group of amazing Atlanta Black Women Artists along with us for the chance to further build and amplify their careers as artists.

We are so excited to launch this opportunity. To countdown the days until we depart for Miami, we will be hosting a series of events in support of our trek.

We kicked off #RoadtoArtBasel with our first activation, Portfolios and Pedis at IWI Fresh. We partnered with Founder and resident “Skincare Chef” Yolanda Owens who provided a fitting outdoor space for us to further map out our dreams and goals using our expressive talents.

TILA selected an incredible panel of Atlanta Art Industry experts to share knowledge on opportunities and resources provided by the city: Erika Smith with Invest Atlanta, Daricia Mia DeMarr with the Atlanta Airport and Kia Jackson Rodgers with the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. Not to mention, we also delved into making a living as a creative.

Our talk was moderated by Grace Gardner, Curator at TILA Studios.

If you’re a black woman artist trying to make it in Atlanta, they offered up these gems.

First and foremost, the city actually gives out grants for commissioned artwork through Rodgers’ office. Among the five total awards,  there are two for individuals: the Grants to Artist Projects and Awards to Emerging Artists. The rules make it clear that you have to be a city of Atlanta resident. And priority is given to individuals for the emerging artist award if they’re 35 years of age or younger or have less than 5 years of experience.

Second, there are a number of arts community orgs for you to take advantage of. Two mentioned were Living Walls and WonderRoot. Living Walls gives out the Laura Patricia Calle Grant and WonderRoot has the Hughley Artist Fellowship. The former is open to anyone in the arts sphere (career artists, students, curators or curatorial teams) 18 years or older who also resides in the metro Atlanta area and the latter is a professional development program for artists at pivotal stages in their careers.

While having the support of the city or community orgs is ideal, DeMarr mentioned also creating your own way of displaying and presenting your art. With a group of artists you know, host your own art show out of a space that is easily accessible to you.

Further to that point, you can’t honestly rely on grants and awards alone. You have to think strategically if you want to treat what you do as your main or secondary source of income.