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In an effort to sustain black women’s contributions in the art industry during the COVID -19, TILA Studios is launching a recurring monthly fund beginning at $1,000 to support black women artists nationwide.



Black Women Artists are Businesswomen. They represent 21% of all women-owned businesses and make up the largest segment of women-owned businesses. On average, it costs a Black Woman at the minimum $500 to successfully run her business per month.


  • Experienced a stalled gig or paid creative job opportunity 

  • Lost of Income from day job being temporarily closed 

  • Stipend for On-Going Art Project with a Specific Purpose and Direction

$1,000 monthly recurring fund until August 2020

It is during times of crisis that black women join together. We understand that being a black woman artist is an act of resilience and activism. Black women artists juggle multiple jobs, supporting not only themselves but families as well as thriving art practice.

We want to sustain our momentum, continue empowering black women and their practice, the only way we do this is if we are the change and the support we want to see.

The funding will occur monthly from April 2020 until August 2020. If we continue to witness and experience the economic impact of the COVID-19 we will continue awarding an unrestricted financial award until January 2021.


  • Application must be received by the 1st of every month 

  • Funds will be distributed by the 15th every month via wire transfer 

  • If you are a recipient of the fund, you must wait 8 weeks until applying again

  • Request amount up to $500 per application


  • To initiate a national fund for black women artists for other black arts organizations and funders to help the Black Artists Community thrive 

  • To alleviate financial burden that black women artist are experiencing during COVID-19 

  • Help off-set bills, studio rent, mortgage, child-care, impacted creative projects or income streams

  • A stipend for artists with contracted gigs  that have now been stalled because of this crisis 

  • To build community and open a line of communications between arts administrators and artists 

  • To find creative solutions to empower black women artists


We hope that our community partners, funders, individual donors and arts patrons donate to our fund. We plan to grow our monthly fund to $10,000 month over month in order to distribute $50,000 by August 2020 that will support 80+Black Women Artists.


  • You will receive a receipt or statement of your donation on the 30th of the month and impact metrics


  • We want to acknowledge donors, you will be able to feature your name or company name on our website at your discretion 

  • We will highlight and feature our award recipients on our site and create a gallery for you to continue to support the community 

  • We will produce an impact report to distribute information on where your support is going and who it has impacted

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